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Saturday, January 21, 2006

7 million for Julia

"Pretty Woman" Julia Roberts hasn't even begun preparing for her Broadway debut in April - and advance ticket sales are already booming. Now it's more than seven million USD.

Tickets for the revival of Richard Greenberg's generational drama "Three Days of Rain" went on sale for the first time last Friday, and by Monday the production had taken in four million dollars in single-ticket sales, the New York Post reported.
Demand was so high on Friday that the Internet ticketing website crashed for an hour.
"Three Days of Rain" tells the story of a brother and a sister unravelling the truth behind their father's death and its connection with their childhood friend.

Roberts is the latest in a line of A-list Hollywood stars seeking a stint in the theatrical spotlight. The last Broadway season saw Washington's Brutus and Jessica Lange in "The Glass Menagerie" and Kathleen Turner in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf".

Julia has been out of the public eye since she gave birth last year to twins.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Russel Crowe's Beard for Sale

A smart hotel cleaner, who found the clippings in Crowe's bathroom after he stayed with his wife Danielle Spencer at the Hilton Hotel in Brisbane, eastern Australia, decided that other fans would jump at the chance to own the Gladiator facial fur.

She says: "Mr Crowe had obviously trimmed his beard that morning in one of the bathroom sinks and being something of a fan, on an impulse, I wrapped these clippings in a handkerchief and took them home"

Now Russel Crowe beard have been thrown up on an internet auction site, with one obviously delusional fan bidding $200 for the Gladiator's leftovers.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Uma Thurman and Toilet

What is the most hated habbit for her ? It is is a man who doesn't flush the toilet, it's even worse than love cheat.

She is quoted in Britain's Now magazine as saying: "It seems harder and harder to make contact with men, especially for mature women. But it's better to have a relationship with someone who cheats on you than someone who doesn't flush the toilet."

Sexy blonde actress said about her ex husband Ethan Hawke, that the one thing she can't stand in a lover is someone who has no respect in the bathroom.

Uma recently admitted she sees all potential dates as "prey". The beautiful 'Kill Bill' actress admitted: "As one who adores the male species, I feel compassionately towards them "I've studied them carefully like a hunter watches its prey."

There is gossip, that Uma Thurman is planning to build a hotel and baths /with 80 rooms/ in Rhinebeck near New York. Local citizens don't look very satisfied with that news. Local trader Jamie Steward don't want change of his quiet town to celebrity paradise with tons of paparazzi.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Worst-dressed Britney Spears

Britney topped Mr. Blackwell's 46th annual "Worst Dressed" list for wearing clothes that he said made her look like an "over-the-hill Lolita." Next places are:

2.Mary-Kate Olsen
Blackwell called her clothes "bag lady rags" and "depressingly decayed."

3.Jessica Simpson
Blackwell called Simpson, 25, a “cut-rate Rapunzel slingin’ hash in a Vegas diner”

4.Eva Longoria
Blackwell criticized Eva Longoria for “garish taste”

5.Mariah Carey
Blackwell words for her are “The world applauds your musical emancipation. But please leave that body to our imagination.”

6.Paris Hilton
Blackwell said Hilton “The Burger Queen Sensation may be very rich but she still looks like yesterday’s cheesecake — with a side of kitsch.”

7.Anna Nicole Smith
Blackwell described Anna Nicole Smith as “Queen Kong.”

Blackwell said about Shakira “Coiffure by Medusa, clothes by the Marquis De Sade.”

9.Lindsay Lohan
For Lindsay Blackwell has this “The Teen Scream defines fashion fright. Looks like she’s aged 30 years overnight.”

10.Renee Zellweger
For Blackwell Zellweger looks like "a painted pumpkin on a pogo stick."

"2005 turned out to be a particularly bad year for couture chaos, wardrobe wrecks and stylistic sleaze," Blackwell said. "These woman may be fabulously talented in their respective fields, but when it comes to fashion, they resemble weary weeds in a lovely garden."

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Best Selling Mariah

"The Emancipation of Mimi" the last Mariah Carey album sold very nice number of 290,000 copies in the week ending December 25. That brings her total to 4.86 million copies on the year, compared to 4.83 million for rapper 50 cent "The Massacre," which came out in March. Mimi slipped ahead of The Massacre by 32,000 copies.
But Mariah and 50's had better years in past. 50 Cent's 2003 debut Get Rich of Die Tryin has sold 7.4 million to date, while Mariah Carey's 1995 album Daydream sold 7.5 million copies in the US.
The top selling album last week, according to SoundScan, was Mary J. Blige's "The Breakthrough," which sold 727,000 copies in its first week. Jamie Foxx's "Unpredictable," also just released, sold 598,000 copies.

Still, the success of "Mimi" marks a dramatic turnaround for Carey, 35, whose career hit the skids four years ago. She is now tied with Elvis Presley at No. 2 on the all-time Hot 100 list with 17 chart-topping singles. Her last album has also earned Carey eight Grammy nominations including Record Of the Year and Song of the Year for “We Belong Together,” and Album Of the Year.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Janet Jackson nude most popular

This year most popular search on Google were nude photos of Janet Jackson. Tabloid rumours that she secretly had a daughter about 18 years ago - a claim she denied - and online paparazzi video of her sunbathing naked notched up her Google count.
Back in 2004, Jackson was also a popular search subject mainly because of her "wardrobe malfunction" while performing a half-time show with Justin Timberlake during the SuperBowl. You can read about it in archived article
Nipples for 550 000 $ .
Searches for Brad Pitt are on the fifth place.
Top Yahoo search is again Britney Spears.

Britania wants Star Trek back on TV

Sci-Fi Star Trek is in the first place of most wanted series in Great Britain. Second place takes Buffy the Vampire Slayer and third are Friends. Next places are 4. Fawlty Towers, 5. Blake's 7, 6. The X-Files, 7. Babylon 5, 8. Stargate, 9. Seinfeld, 10. The A Team.
Star Trek topped the poll of more than 1,000 TV fans, commissioned by Home Media Networks, just beating Buffy the Vampire Slayer to the top spot.

Dr Spock, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise please return.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Woody, Mia and Daughter

Legendary director Woody Allen claims he's glad ex-wife Mia Farrow found his nude photos of her adopted daughter, Soon-Yi.

About his scandalic marriage with 35 years younger adopted daughter he said: "It was one of the great pieces of luck in my life. It was a turning point in my life for the better".

However, Woody admits he is still like a father figure to his young bride.

Speaking of their relationship, he confessed in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine: "It's got a more paternal feeling to it.

"All the women I went out with were basically my age. Now, here, it just works like magic. The very inequality of me being older and much more accomplished, much more experienced, takes away any real meaningful conflict."

69 years old Woody also claims he hates getting older, saying: "Ageing is a terrible thing It's just all bad news You deteriorate physically and die. "I've gained no wisdom, insight or mellowing"

Jennifer Aniston is Fine

She is ok again after her very public breakup with Brad Pitt. The couple's divorce was finalized on Oct. 2.

"Do I talk to Brad? Yes, we do, I do," the 36-year-old star tells "Good Morning America's" Diane Sawyer. "That's very peaceful. It's a really peaceful thing. That's another thing … people want it to be this war and this mean, terrible, shallow thing that's just playing like some soap opera or story line, and it's just not. So, yeah, pleasant, done."

Despite the very public exposure of Pitt and Jolie's relationship, Aniston tells Sawyer that she's not angry at Pitt, her husband of 4½ years.

"How do you do this?" Sawyer asked. "I mean, for all the girls out there who want to know, how do you do this? How do you move on from something a lot of people would think …"

"I will not let myself down like that," Aniston said. "I have a lot of amazing women, you know, women in my life who have been an example for me of what not to do. So, and I also know what feels good, and it doesn't feel good to harbor anger and resentment."

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Chewbacca becomes U.S. Citizen

British actor Peter Mayhew is now a U.S. citizen. Mayhew softly recited the oath to become a naturalized American Monday, with his raised right hand trembling slightly.

He was among more than 450 people from 56 countries who became naturalized Americans in a ceremony in Arlington.

The former English hospital worker said he decided to seek American citizenship when he got married "to a Texan lady." Mayhew and his wife wed six years ago. His wife, Angelique, was beside him, with a drawing depicting Chewbacca, a background of the American flag and Union Jack and the words "Citizen Wookiee."

"I'll have a British passport, an American passport and a Wookiee passport," joked the 2.2 metre tall 60-year-old actor after the event.

Bono With George on Lunch

Rock singer Bono is invited for lunch with George Bush. U2 are singing at Washington now. US president and Bono will continue their discussion started during G-8 in Scotland about problems of third world, AIDS and hunger.
Bono is fighting for US support with solving global problems since 1999.
Bono said: “I’m representing the poorest and the most vulnerable people. On a spiritual level, I have that with me. I’m throwing a punch, and the fist belongs to people who can’t be in the room, whose rage, whose anger, whose hurt I represent."
“The moral force is way beyond mine, it’s an argument that has much more weight than I have. So I’m not feeling nervous.”

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