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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Lebanese Singer Nude or Photoshoped ?

New hobby of egyptian students :)

Egyptian university students have taken on the new hobby of exchanging nude photos of female singers and actresses through their mobile phones. Amongst the most popular photos are for Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi, showing her nude from the top.

Despite the fact that most of the photos exchanged are not actual ones of the stars, but rather done through adobe photo shop on the computer, they are witnessing popularity and are spreading fast throughout Egypt.

One of the photos for Haifa, which is witnessing the biggest success, is said to be an actual one and that it was taken during one of her live performances. It was stressed that during her performance, her dress accidentally opened by her chest area and revealed her bare breast.

Haifa is not the only victim of the nude photo phenomenon, a photo of Egyptian actress Nabila Obeid during her early years is also spreading among the youth which shows her bare in the breast area. Pictures of many other actresses and singers are being done in the same manner and finding popularity.

Recently and amidst all the chaos being created in Egypt over the rise of Egyptian sensation Ruby, with complaints and negative criticism from different public and private entities, Haifa added a voice to the negative criticism against Ruby showing disagreement with the latter’s performance.

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