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Monday, July 05, 2004

Haifa Wahbi sells fish

in Egypt’s local markets

A siege was forced around the filming scene in Cairo of the new video clip for Lebanese beauty Haifa Wahbi, which is directed by Hadi Bagouri, marking their first cooperation together. The idea of the new clip is a combination of three songs from Haifa’s upcoming album in one song. Haifa is going to sing one part of each song and then the three songs will be mixed in one video clip.

Haifa is positive of the success her new video will find, especially since she is introducing a new theme that was never introduced by any other singer. The idea behind the video is merging more than one song together at once, in each presenting a theme. One of the songs, Haifa will appear as Egypt’s most popular seductive actress Hind Rustom. Haifa will look exactly like the late actress in her film “Bab Al Hadid” (Iron Door), in which starred in alongside late prominent actor Fareed Shawki. The three songs are [Ragab, Ba3ed Eih, 3la Eih], Haifa attempts to perform the role of [Hanoumah] in one of the scenes, which was done by the Hind Rustom.

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