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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Haifa Wahbi turns Carthage Festival into a mockery

Among the many big names in Rotana's singers list taking part in the Tunisian summer annual festival Carthage, Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi was chosen to participate with what they insist to call singing concerts. Haifa’s concert was divided into two parts; the first part started with Lebanese singer Yuri Mra'adi who was wearing black boots and showed up with a new western look. Yuri started shouting and running on the stage expecting the audience to react with him but he was faced with complete serenity. The second part of the concert was for Rotana's singer Haifa who danced throughout the performance moving every possible part of her body including parts that have no muscles in them. Haifa shifted from singing to dancing to throwing the roses to the fans then laughing to her fans.

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