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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Topless Only With Permit

San Antonio’s city council on Friday made it compulsory for strippers to apply for permits and wear them while performing. The permit – which is likely to be half the size of a credit card - would include the dancer's stage name and a photo.

Law enforcement authorities said the rule, which was unanimously approved by the 11-member council and goes into effect in 10 days, will allow them to quickly identify those dancers who are breaking nudity ordinances. (Among other things, full nudity and contact with customers are not allowed in San Antonio strip clubs.)

"We're trying to reduce criminal activity inside the establishments on the part of the entertainers, i.e., prostitution," said Lt. Mike Gorhum, who heads the vice squad.

The rules, similar to regulations adopted in Houston and other U.S. cities, require dancers stay at least 3 feet from club patrons and wear the $50-permits while working. The driver's license-sized permits may be attached to dancers' G-strings, or to bracelets around their ankles.

Jim DeeGear, attorney for 12 of San Antonio's topless clubs, said he would seek to have the rules declared unconstitutional.


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