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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Charlize Theron embarrassed over sex with real boyfriend

Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron is mortified with her latest film role - which contains a scene of her having sex with her real-life boyfriend.

The 29-year-old beauty stars alongside beau Stuart Townsend in 'Head in the clouds', a war romance with an intense sex scene.

The Hollywood couple have been dating since 2000, but Theron never imagined they'd get naked in front of cameras for everyone to see.

She says: "I think at some point I said, 'I can't wait for my mum to see this film,' and Stuart got extremely nervous."

The star admits it was very embarrassing for them both, as well as for her friends and family.

She says: "It's a little odd when you have people who know you, and we've been in a relationship for four years so a lot of people do know us, and to do something like that, no matter how well you play the character, is a little odd for them, I'm sure."

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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Fiennes To Play Harry Potter Enemy

Ralph Fiennes, who played memorable figure in "Schindler's List" and serial killer in "Red Dragon" has signed on to portray the wicked wizard in the next "Harry Potter" movie.
By giving into the dark side, the 41-year old two-time Oscar nominee will be the first actor to give actual weight to lightning-bolt boy's shadowy nemesis. reported Thursday.
Ralph Fiennes has been rumoured to play Lord Voldermort for the past few weeks; however, it was not confirmed until Wednesday.
"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," by the filmmaker Mike Newell, is scheduled for theatrical release in November 2005.
Filming has been under way on the saga since June 25, mainly with star Daniel Racliffe as the boy-wizard, and co-stars Rupert Grint and Emma Watson.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Hepburn's Home Sold

The home of legendary actress Katharine Hepburn has been sold to a neighbor Frank Sciame.
Estate agents have not revealed the sale amount but say it was under the $12m asking price. The sale does not include four acres of nearby wetlands bequeathed by the actress to a conservation group.
In June, an auction of Hepburn's personal items including paintings and jewellery fetched $5.8m.
Hepburn, a four-time Oscar winner, died in June 2003 in her Old Saybrook home at the age of 96.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Fidel Loves Fahrenheit

Fidel Castro interrupted the regularly scheduled broadcasting, as it were, to show the film after it played to packed cinemas for a week, during which Cubans allegedly stood in long lines to see rough DVD copies projected at 120 cinema theaters across the island to what Reuters called "unfailing applause."

"We hope this film will lead Americans to see the reality of their government, and not only deny Bush reelection but put him on trial for the harm he has done to humanity," retired worker Armando Rodriguez told Reuters.

Cuban dissidents who saw "Fahrenheit 9/11," however, praised the United States for its freedom of expression and lamented that such criticism of a president was not allowed in Cuba, where the one-party state controls the media.

When Cuba's state-run television broadcast the gadfly filmmaker's Bush-bashing documentary last Thursday, it appeared Fahrenheit 9/11 would not be eligible for the Academy Awards. Pundits had figured the film to be a shoo-in for a Best Documentary Feature nomination.

"If it was pirated or stolen or unauthorized we would not blame the producer or distributor for that," Academy spokesman John Pavlik told E! Online.

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