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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Haifa Wahbi turns Carthage Festival into a mockery

Among the many big names in Rotana's singers list taking part in the Tunisian summer annual festival Carthage, Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi was chosen to participate with what they insist to call singing concerts. Haifa’s concert was divided into two parts; the first part started with Lebanese singer Yuri Mra'adi who was wearing black boots and showed up with a new western look. Yuri started shouting and running on the stage expecting the audience to react with him but he was faced with complete serenity. The second part of the concert was for Rotana's singer Haifa who danced throughout the performance moving every possible part of her body including parts that have no muscles in them. Haifa shifted from singing to dancing to throwing the roses to the fans then laughing to her fans.

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Playboy Playmate Poses Nude

To prove her point that she didn't have a gastric-bypass surgery to shed weight, former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith has posed naked for a fashion magazine. Nicole, who recently shed 80 pounds, has attributed her weight loss to Trimspa, the diet supplement she takes.
"We asked her to re-create the famous Marilyn Monroe pose for the centerfold of our Icon issue," The New York Post quoted representative of the MAO magazine, Roger Padilha, as saying. "She thought it would be a good way to quash the rumors. I was there and can 100 per cent vouch that she had no scars," he added.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Shrek 2 Features Transgenderism And Crossdressing Themes

Summary: The DreamWorks' animated film, "Shrek 2," is billed as harmless entertainment but contains subtle sexual messages.Parents who are thinking about taking their children to see "Shrek 2," may wish to consider the following: The movie features a male-to-female transgender (in transition) as an evil bartender. The character has five o'clock shadow, wears a dress and has female breasts. It is clear that he is a she-male. His voice is that of talk show host Larry King. During a dance scene at the end of the movie, this transgendered man expresses sexual desire for Prince Charming, jumps on him, and both tumble to the floor. In another scene in the movie, Shrek and Donkey need to be rescued from a dungeon where they are chained against the wall. The rescue is conducted by Pinocchio who is asked to lie so his nose will grow long enough for one of the smaller cartoon characters to use it as a bridge to reach Shrek and Donkey. Donkey encourages him to lie about something and suggests he lie about wearing women's underwear. When he denies wearing women's underwear, his nose begins to grow.

oh my God, I hope that Winnie the Pooh is not so horrible homosexual story

Sleep in Britney Spears Room

Britney Spears might not be putting up here, but Boston's Onyx Hotel has its very own Britney Spears' room, all thanks to her mother.  Britney's mother, Lynne has designed the 325 square ft room the way the 22-year-old pop singer's bedroom is at her home in Kentwood, Louisiana.

A night in the 30-square-metre room will run $US349 ($480) in the high season (spring, summer, autumn). The rest of the year, it's $US259 ($360).
The hotel donates 10% of the room charge to the Britney Spears Foundation, which helps sick children and funds a performing arts camp in Louisiana.

The first guests to use the room were two 14-year-old radio contest winners.



Wednesday, July 14, 2004

More Basic Instinct

The long-legged Stone, now 46, will star in a sequel to the classic erotic thriller Basic Instinct, in which she will again play the part of novelist and serial killer Catherine Tramell.

Michael Douglas is not scheduled for the cast in part two and Ms Stone says she'll take a younger lover in the new release.

The original 1992 film made a household name of Stone, who starred opposite Hollywood star Michael Douglas as novelist and key murder suspect Catherine Tramell. Douglas cast as a troubled cop who falls prey to the sexual wiles of the suspect in a gruesome murder investigation.

Stone also denied the film had been delayed by her purported list of demands.

"Well funny enough, we are making the movie now. Nothing has changed, so there you are," she said.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Nude Cameron Diaz

A video featuring a topless Cameron Diaz engaging in S and M play has surfaced on the internet, even though the actress won a legal battle to destroy it.

The video, which was shot 12 years ago when Diaz was a 19-year-old, is being sold for $40 on a Russian web site. This site is now offering pay-per-view customers the chance to watch the semi-nude star performing role play with a brunette woman and a man in bondage gear and using a can of compressed air "for a purpose probably not recommended by the manufacturer" in the film they are calling "She's No Angel: Cameron Diaz."

A press release for Scandal-Inc. claims the company obtained rights to the film from a distributor who bought them from photographer John Rutter, who made the film.

Roman Polanski at Karlovy Vary Festival

The award for outstanding contribution to world cinema went to world famous film director Roman Polanski.

Polanski marked his American directorial debut with the horror classic "Rosemary's Baby" (1968), for which he received an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay Adaptation. In 1972, Polanski returned to Europe to direct his adaptation (co-written with Kenneth Tynan) of Shakespeare's "Macbeth," and in 1973 he directed Marcello Mastroianni in the absurdist comedy "What?" 1974 marked Polanski's return to Hollywood with "Chinatown," Oscar winner for Best Original Screenplay, and nominated for eleven Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Nude Barbie Won

A federal judge told Barbie creator Mattel Inc. to pay $1.8 million in legal and court fees to a Utah artist who uses nude Barbie dolls in some of his photographic work /in sexual poses in or around household objects/. Judge dismissed Mattelss attempts to stop Thomas Forsythe as "groundless and unreasonable".

In December 1999 Mattel successfully sued a publisher over a book entitled Adios, Barbie. Last year, however, the Supreme Court upheld an earlier court's dismissal of a suit over a sexually suggestive pop song Barbie Girl, which Mattel claimed defamed Barbie.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Haifa Wahbi sells fish

in Egypt’s local markets

A siege was forced around the filming scene in Cairo of the new video clip for Lebanese beauty Haifa Wahbi, which is directed by Hadi Bagouri, marking their first cooperation together. The idea of the new clip is a combination of three songs from Haifa’s upcoming album in one song. Haifa is going to sing one part of each song and then the three songs will be mixed in one video clip.

Haifa is positive of the success her new video will find, especially since she is introducing a new theme that was never introduced by any other singer. The idea behind the video is merging more than one song together at once, in each presenting a theme. One of the songs, Haifa will appear as Egypt’s most popular seductive actress Hind Rustom. Haifa will look exactly like the late actress in her film “Bab Al Hadid” (Iron Door), in which starred in alongside late prominent actor Fareed Shawki. The three songs are [Ragab, Ba3ed Eih, 3la Eih], Haifa attempts to perform the role of [Hanoumah] in one of the scenes, which was done by the Hind Rustom.

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Friday, July 02, 2004

Movie legend dies

Marlon Brando died at age 80 in a Los Angeles hospital, the actor's lawyer said today. The lawyer, David J. Seeley, told the Associated Press that the cause of death was being withheld.

Brando was born on April 3, 1924, in Omaha, Nebraska, the son of a salesman and an actress who coached a local drama group. He was sent to a Minnesota military academy but was soon expelled.

Brando won two Academy Awards - for "On the Waterfront" and another for playing a Mafia boss in "The Godfather" (1972). Having become active in the civil rights movement, especially for American Indians, he rejected his Oscar for "The Godfather" to protest the treatment of Native Americans.

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