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Monday, April 18, 2005

Haifa Wahbi and Egypt

Haifa Wahbi behind the increase of divorce and drug abuse rates
Egypt lifts ban off Haifa Wahbi
Despite the recent commotion caused in Egypt over Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi, and that led to her banning, the singer has resumed her activities in Egypt and has been going to Cairo on a regular basis to prepare for her upcoming album. The ban that was placed on the singer has been lifted after officials viewed the episode of “For Those Who Dare Only”, which was aired on the Lebanese Broadcasting Company (LBC), in which the singer was accused of insulting Egyptians. .......
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sometimes and at some places it's hard to be a star

Nude Liz Jagger ?

Elizabeth Jagger is considering a $375,000 offer to pose nude for Playboy magazine, The Sun reported on Monday 11th April.

Mick Jagger has said publicly he has never liked seeing Elizabeth and her sister Jade modeling on the catwalk.

Sources at Playboy confirmed an offer had been made but no deal had been struck.

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